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Young Leadership Award Scholarship


Have you ever dreamed of becoming an Attorney?
Have you ever dreamed of becoming an Attorney in the United States?
Have you ever thought about going to law school to pursue your dreams but have been deterred by the increasing costs of law school?

The Young Leadership Award Scholarship is designed especially for YOU! In order to recognize qualified students who have demonstrated significant leadership activities in their local communities during the years preceding admittance to the J.D. Program, SFIU Law is awarding scholarships to cover the expenses of law school.

In order to recognize outstanding individuals on their community service, academic achievement and leadership skills, SFIU Law will award lucky winners with scholarships towards the J.D. program at San Francisco International University College of Law.

The scholarship is set up in three tiers and winners will receive:

1. First place winning applicant will receive a full scholarship to our J.D. Program.
2. Second place winning applicant will receive a scholarship for two years tuition worth of the J.D. program.
3. Third place winning applicant will receive One (1) year of the J.D. program covered.

In order to apply for such an amazing opportunity prospective winners must:

  • Be an exemplary member of your community.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills in the community.
  • Meet the Law School’s entrance requirements. (http://sfiulaw.com/admissions)
  • Submit an essay detailing plans on how the Applicant plans on continuing their leadership achievements once Applicant receives a J.D.
  • A Resume detailing personal experience and leadership roles in the community.

Deadline for Submission: January 31, 2018.
Winners will be announced: February 28, 2018.

Due to extremely high number of applicants, SFIU College of Law extends deadline to submit applications for scholarship until January 31, 2018 with winners announced on February 28, 2018.

Important info

Applications for scholarships with all attachments are to be submitted to dean@sfiulaw.com before January 31, 2018.
Winners will be announced on February 28, 2018.
Download application: DOCX or PDF.

Wounded Veteran Scholarship



With the number of wounded service members returning home to their communities increasing every day, San Francisco International University College of Law is excited to have an opportunity to support other veterans and service members. Our Wounded Veteran Scholarship Program provides tuition free education to service members, who suffered combat related disability. “Combat-related disability” is defined by 10 U.S.Code § 1413a (e) as disability that is compensable under the laws administered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs and that -

(1) is attributable to an injury for which the member was awarded the Purple Heart; or
(2) was incurred (as determined under criteria prescribed by the Secretary of Defense)—
(A) as a direct result of armed conflict;
(B) while engaged in hazardous service;
(C) in the performance of duty under conditions simulating war; or
(D) through an instrumentality of war.

For the other current members of the US Army or for former members, who were honorably discharged from the service, our school offers to those education with the tuition fees reduced by one half.

Wounded Veteran Scholarship seeks to enhance the lives of wounded service members through tuition free scholarship in all of our degree programs aimed at improving mental health and wellness; exposing wounded service members to new carrier opportunities and enhancing their economic empowerment and independence.

We envision a generation of wounded veterans and other service members who are economically empowered and have opportunities to pursue a meaningful career or own their own business. San Francisco International University College of Law offers graduate degree programs in law to encourage economic empowerment for warriors and to provide long-term financial stability for themselves and their families.

Wounded Veteran Scholarship Program provides grants awarded in amounts up to $100,000 annually.