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I hereby make application by signing and submitting this application to San Francisco International University.

I further understand that all tuition and fees must be paid in full before any degree can be conferred. I hereby certify that all information provided and all information submitted in connection with this application is true and correct. I further certify that if my application is accepted by the SFIU, I will abide with rules and regulations set forth by SFIU. I understand and agree that all application materials and information submitted to SFIU will become the property of SFIULAW and that the $99.00 application fee is non-refundable.

The method of instruction at this law school for the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree program is principally by correspondence.

Students enrolled in the J.D. degree program at this law school who successfully complete the first year of law study must pass the First-Year Law Students’ Examination required by Business and Professions Code § 6060(h) and Rule VIII of the Rules Regulating Admission to Practice Law in California as part of the requirements to qualify to take the California Bar Examination. A student who passes the First-Year Law Students’ Examination within three (3) administrations of the examination after first becoming eligible to take it will receive credit for all legal studies completed to the time the examination is passed. A student who does not pass the examination within three (3) administrations of the examination after first becoming eligible to take it must be promptly disqualified from the law school’s J.D. degree program. If the dismissed student subsequently passes the examination, the student is eligible for reenrollment in this law school’s J.D. degree program, but will receive credit for only one year of legal study.

Study at, or graduation from, this law school may not qualify a student to take the bar examination or to satisfy the requirements for admission to practice in jurisdictions other than California. A student intending to seek admission to practice law in a jurisdiction other than California should contact the admitting authority in that jurisdiction for information regarding the legal education requirements in that jurisdiction for admission to the practice of law.

For more detailed disclosure as required by Rule 4.241 of the Unaccredited Law School Rules and Guidelines 2.3 (D) of the Guidelines for Unaccredited Law School Rules.

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